Perito Moreno Glacier with boat ride in front of the Glacier

General information:
With this option, add to your incredible visit to the glacier, the unique possibility to navigate near its walls, and see firings from the lake

Start of the tour 10:45 Hs. Passing it to look for the Perito Moreno Glacier, located inside the Los Glaciares National Park. It is an impressive ice river with an area of 195 km2; a length of 30 km and its front has an extension of 4 km; the height of the walls ranges between 40 and 80 m. above the lake level. It descends from the continental ice, provoking in its slow advance detachments and outbursts, very attractive for the visitor. For its spectacular beauty was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Upon arrival at destination, we will take a walk along the catwalks, and you will have the navigation of 1 hour in front of it, included in your itinerary. From there where we can admire this impressive natural attraction from its different perspectives and through the different panoramic balconies. The estimated time on footbridges is 2 and a half hours, where free time is left for visitor use. Come back to El Calafate 07 pm