Yeti Ice bar - Bar de hielo

General information:
Meet the first ice bar in the city and experience the feeling of being at less 10 °

We are Yeti Ice Bar, the first ice bar in the city center. Yeti Ice bar has the attractive proposal of two bars in one place. At the entrance our warm bar welcomes you with an aesthetic simulation of cold environment that serves to welcome visitors to the Ice Bar, enjoy our exclusive cocktail list, cafeteria or some simple snack, and for the night we offer an exquisite Sushi proposal. The Ice Bar The proposal, consists of the purchase of an entrance that enables them to enter the same and free bar for 25 minutes. It begins by entering the pre-cold chamber, with an average temperature of +5 C that serves to acclimatize visitors to the true temperature below or they will experience inside the cave of the Yeti (-8 / -12 C ). In the Pre cold chamber visitors will be provided with beautiful thermal layers with hood, gloves with fur and crampons for shoes that serve to walk on the floor of ice and not skating. Before entering, they are given an informative talk and then enter the ice bar, where they will find an atmosphere of caves and ice caves and our mythical character, the giant Yeti of the Himalayas !! The Ice Bar presents a beautiful ice bar and our bartender will make you taste delicious drinks, cauliflower liquor, vodka made in Calafate and spirits, you will also surprise them with their juggling with bottles or leds of leds. The whole ice bar is designed to live an incredible visual experience and our team of professional photographers will make the most beautiful memories on paper. The warm attention and the good music is present in all our environments, generating atmosphere of joy and celebration, so that our visitors take the best and coldest memories !!