Ríos de hielo Express

General information:
Ríos de hielo Express is the ideal boat ride excursion to visit the Upsala Glacier, Spegazzini and Seco.

It works only odd days. When hiring this modality, it is necessary that you approach our office located in the center of El Calafate (Comandante Espora 33) the day PREVIOUS to the activity between 8 and 8:15 PM to withdraw your boat tickets on the day of the activity, without it, you can not perform the activity. The Glaciers are the main attraction of El Calafate and, the best way to visit them is through an excursion through the Los Glaciares National Park. The embarcation takes place at Puerto de la Cruz in Punta Bandera, located 47 km from El Calafate, where the boat waits for the passengers at 08:30 am and depart at 09 am in the morning. The route begins through the North Arm of the Argentino Lake, until reaching the Upsala Canal. After almost two hours of navigation you can enjoy the first image of the Upsala Glacier, and then an approximation to it will be made. The itinerary continues through the Spegazzini Channel, where you can see the Seco Glacier, and finally, you will get to the front of the Spegazzini Glacier, the highest in the National Park. Once you have enjoyed these wonders of nature, you return to the port of departure and from there, to El Calafate by land. Notes: Due to the obstruction that exists in the North Arm of Lake Argentino, the route that takes place is to the Spegazzini Glacier.