Safari Experience in the morning

General information:
Plunge yourself into the life of Patagonian ranch houses. Feel part of the landscape and its history for a few hours. Enjoy clean air enticing all your senses.

Either by interpretation of traces or sighting you will discover the delicate balance of the steppe ecosystem changing as altitude gets higher. Excellent chances of guanaco, condor and fox watching, among other examples of the indigenous fauna. The glaciers region has a lot to show and discover. 80 million years of history covered in a safari on a four wheel drive vehicle. The color of the earth shows the evolution of life and the changes of the land. Marine fossils are the witness of the landscape that used to be under water. Earth is telling its own story. Native people from 10,000 years ago, the first settlers, pioneers, ranchers and the current flora and fauna are part of the tour in the "Estancia 25 de Mayo" Natural Reserve. Unique geological and paleontological areas have been discovered here. One of the most important crab fossils deposits in the world are found in this natural reserve, as well as an oyster reef and formations containing remains of mammal fossils approximately 15 million years old. A safari for multiple purposes. A learning experience that will give a new meaning to your trip around Patagonia. Visiting the origin to understand the present: more than exploring, discovering.