Balcon del Calafate in the morning

General information:
The giant trekkers take us on Cerro Huyliche to discover for 3 hours, incredible panoramic views of the village, Lake Argentino and the imposing Andes Mountain Range

Availability on January 14th can not be guaranteed. From the balcony, an imposing natural viewpoint, you can enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate and the central body of Lake Argentino. The tour will offer views of the Andes Mountains and the glacier accumulation zone, towards the Boca del Diablo (narrowest part of the lake, heading to the Upsala arm) and if it is clear we can observe the Fitz Roy and Torre hills in El Chaltén. In addition, we will have the opportunity to see the flight of Cóndores. Depending on the excursion that you choose during the trip, we will have a typical picnic lunch or snack. With two daily departures, the tour departs from the hotels of El Calafate and completes a 35-kilometer tour on the line of hills behind the village. The trail takes us through landscapes that marvel at its varied vegetation of height. It reaches up to 1050 meters above the sea. There, the first stop is a natural viewpoint where passengers enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate and the central body of Lake Argentino. In the background, the unforgettable and imposing framework of the Andes Mountains, and at times during the route, there are views of the accumulation zone of the glaciers, towards Boca del Diablo (narrowest part of the lake, towards the Upsala arm) . Even with the help of the weather, it is possible to see the Fitz Roy and Torre hills in El Chaltén and, with some luck, perhaps the condor, master of the Patagonian skies, can be seen in his long plan. A unique show. Follow the path to the Labyrinth of Stones, attractive only accessible with Calafate Mountain Park. It is a Cretaceous formation dating back to 85 million years old. It was once the bed of a river: we can now find fossil remains that allow us to witness today the millennial past. We take a snack in the Huyliche confectionery and from there we start the descent down the northern slope of the hill to the Piedra de los Sombreros, curious iron concretions that are only found in four places in the world. After this trip to other eras of world history, we return to El Calafate with the view always in the omnipresent Lake Argentino.